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Eipeldauer-Briefe ("Briefe eines Eipeldauers an seinen Herrn Vetter in Kakran ueber d´ Wienstadt" / "Letters from an Eipeldauer to his cousin in Kakran about the city Vienna"), founded in 1785 by J. Richter; popular magazine published during the final years of the Enlightenment period. Written in a stylised vernacular, the "letters" commented current local events. A satirical picture of the big city with all its features and customs was drawn from the point of view of the farmer Eipeldauer. Until 1813, the Eipeldauer-Briefe were published by J. Richter, from 1813-1819 by F. X. Gewey and 1819-1821 by A. Baeuerle.

Selection, ed. by Eugen von Paunel, 2 vols., 1917/18.