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Fackel, Die#

Fackel, Die, magazine characterised by social and moral commitment supporting, at times, the agenda of the Social-Democratic Party, became an important forum for critics of culture, ideology and language usage, first published on April 1, 1899 by Karl Kraus. Publication of Die Fackel continued until 1936. The magazine fought against the degeneration of the German language brought about by journalists and supported maintaining genuineness and purity in all aspects of art. Between 1911 and 1936 Die Fackel was written exclusively by Kraus, the magazine as a whole reflects Kraus´ artistic development and growth; Kraus became well known for his practice of exposing people by using direct quotes.

Editions: No. 1-37, 922 Numbers in 415 issues, 1899-1936; Reprinted in 39 volumes., ed. by H. Fischer, 1968-1973; Reprinted in 12 volumes, 1977.


K. Krolon, Sprachsatire als Zeitsatire bei K. Kraus, 1987.