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Feistritz, Fluss#

Feistritz, River in Styria; 115 km long, originates in the Wechsel region in Lower Austria near the Stuhleck mountain (alt. 1,782 m) and flows southward through the Fischbach Alps and Joglland region and narrows to form the Freienberg and Herberstein gorges (Herberstein Castle). The small Lake Stubenberg is located north of Herberstein gorge. Further towards the south-east the Feistritz flows through the East Styrian hill region, picks up the Ilz River flowing westward and south-east of Fuerstenfeld (situated on the border between Styria and Burgenland) flows into the Lafnitz River. The Feistritz´s median volume of discharge at Maierhofen amounts to 7.7m3/sec.