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Floridsdorf, 21st district of the City of Vienna, area 44.46 km2, pop. 119,415 (1991), situated on the left bank of the Danube in the western Marchfeld area. Floridsdorf was incorporated into the City of Vienna in 1904, including the villages of Jedlesee, Grossjedlersdorf, Donaufeld, Leopoldau, Kagran, Hirschstetten, Stadlau and Aspern; in 1910 Strebersdorf was added. In 1938 Floridsdorf lost Kagran, Stadlau, Hirschstetten, Aspern and the Lobau to the newly formed 22nd district ( Donaustadt); in 1954 the borders to the 22nd district and Lower Austria were redrawn and Stammersdorf was added to Floridsdorf. - The area was first known as "Am Spitz" and was then renamed after the Abbot Floridus Leeb of Klosterneuburg, who gave monastery grounds to settlers in 1786. Floridsdorf was originally primarily agricultural but quickly developed industrially thanks to the Nordwestbahn railway line and the steam tramway line opened in 1885 and received its city charter in 1894.

Suburban settlement with allotment gardens and farming: Grossfeldsiedlung (1966-1973); Nordrandsiedlung; Siedlung Jedlesee (after 1949); new residential area of Neu-Stammersdorf between Bruenner Strasse and Jedlersdorfer Strasse (76 hectares, begun in 1992). Council housing estates: (Schlingerhof, 1925/1926; Karl-Seitz-Hof, 1926/1927; Paul-Speiser-Hof, 1931/1932). School centre (1966), Nittel-Hof (1976-83); University of Veterinary Medicine (1995-1996); Siegfried-Marcus vocational school (1989); Pedagogical Academy of the Archdiocese of Vienna (1971); training centre for social services professions (1978); Haus der Begegnung centre (1968; formerly the Floridsdorf Workers' Centre, 1909); Shopping-City-Nord (1989); Van-Swieten-Kaserne barracks (Military Hospital). District museum in the former Mautner-Schloessl manor (since 1960); Paul-Hock-Park (formerly the Floridsdorf Cemetery). Church of the School Brothers Strebersdorf (1887), Donaufeld church (1905); Floridsdorf church (1936-1938).

Numerous industries as well as small and medium-sized businesses. -Schnellbahn suburban service. U6 underground line. Western portion of the Alte Donau recreation area (water park, Angelibad), Marchfeld Canal.


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