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Gabillon, Ludwig#

b. Guestrow (Germany), July 16, 1828, d. Vienna, Feb. 13, 1896, actor, director; husband of Zerline Gabillon. After engagements in Germany and in London H. Laube called him to the Vienna Burgtheater in 1853, where he also worked as a director from 1875-1895. His repertoire comprised about 300 characters.


L. G. Tagebuchblaetter, Briefe, Erinnerungen (extracts from his diary, letters, memories), ed. by H. Bettelheim-Gabillon, 1900.


A. Bettelheim, Verzeichnis der Rollen, die L. G. als Mitgl. des Hofburgtheaters in den Jahren 1853-93 gespielt hat (a list of parts which L.G. played as a member of the Hofburgtheater from 1853-1893), 1893.