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Gratz, Leopold#

Gratz, Leopold, b. Vienna, Nov. 4, 1929, studied law, politician (Austrian Social Democratic Party, SPOe). From 1963-1966 member of the Bundesrat, from 1970-1971 Federal Minister of Education and the Arts, from 1966-1973 and from 1986-1989 member of the Nationalrat, from 1971-1973 leader of the Socialist group in parliament, from 1973-1984 mayor and head of Vienna's municipal government, 1976 chairman of the Vienna chapter of the Austrian Social Democratic Party, 1984-1986 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1986-1989 first president of the Nationalrat. His time of office as mayor of Vienna was overshadowed by the "Bauring" affair and the scandal around the construction of the Vienna General Hospital. Resigned in 1989 following another scandal, the Proksch affair ( Lucona-Affair).