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Gulden, abbr. fl. (= florenc, florin, because it was first coined in Florence in 1252), coin, in modern times unit of account (60 kreuzers = 1 gulden); the introduction of the Konventionsmuenze in 1753 gave the taler a value of 120 kreuzers (half taler = 60 kreuzers), which made the gulden (formerly a purely hypothetical monetary unit) a real coin. From 1857-1892 the gulden was the silver currency (1 fl. = 100 kreuzers) in Austria. From 1870-1892 there were 8 and 4-gulden pieces as gold coins, 2- (since 1859), 1- (since 1857) and 1/<sub>4</sub>-gulden pieces as silver coins; after 1857, 45-gulden pieces were made out of 500 g of silver ("45-Gramm-Fuss"). With the introduction of the gold currency in 1892, one gulden was exchanged for 2 kronen, but the coins remained in circulation. The term "gulden" has remained popular for a long time afterwards.