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Koralpe Mountain, massif belonging to the central Alps, composed of gneiss and mica schist, situated between the Lavant Valley and the hills of western Styria, extends from the Packsattel pass (also called Vier Tore - "Four Doors") to the River Drau/Drava; its highest peak (Grosser Speikkogel) is 2,140 m high, forms the border between Styria and Carinthia. Cattle and horse breeding on pastures, rare alpine flowers. The Koralpe road leads through the southern Koralpe from Eibiswald (Styria) to Lavamuend (Carinthia) via Soboth (alt. 1,065 m, Styria). - Koralpe refuge (alt. 1,966 m); skiing area, television transmitter and reservoir in Soboth, radar station of the Austrian Armed Forces.