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Neutra, Richard#

Neutra, Richard, b. Vienna, April 8, 1892, d. Wuppertal (Germany), April 16, 1970, architect. Studied at the University of Technology in Vienna, 1921-1923 worked with E. Mendelsohn in Berlin; 1923 emigrated to the USA, from 1925 worked with R. M. Schindler in Los Angeles (Lovell Beach House, 1926). N. became one of the main exponents of the modern international style in the USA; he built chiefly spacious villas and houses (Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, 1927-1929). His aim was to integrate his houses into the landscape (Singleton House, Los Angeles, 1960) and to combine natural and artificially created surroundings. This also applies to his public buildings (schools, churches, office buildings and museums). 1949-1964 N. worked with R. E. Alexander, later also with his son Dion. N. also worked as a town planner for Caracas, Puerto Rico, etc.

Further works#

House in the Werkbundsiedlung housing estate, Vienna 1930-1932; house and studio at Silver Lake, Los Angeles, 1933, 1964; Landfair and Strathmore Apartements, 1937; Desert House, Colorado, 1946; Kaufmann House, Palm Springs, 1947; Rivera Methodist Church, Redondo Beach, 1958; Lincoln Memorial Museum, Gettysburg, 1963; primary school in Lemoore, 1964.


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