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St. Sebaldus Church#

St. Sebaldus Church
St. Sebaldus Church, 2013
© Elisabeth Ertl

St. Sebaldus Church Sankt Sebaldus Kirche, Winklerstraße, Nürnberg, Deutschland is one of the oldest and most important churches of the city of Nuremberg. The name of the medieval church derives from Sebaldus, a missionary, hermit and patron saint of Nuremberg, who lived in the 8th century. In 1225 the construction of the church began, by 1255 it achieved parish church status and by 1273-75 it was completed. Built originally as a Romanesque basilica with two choirs, the church was modified and changed over the course of time, like in the 14th century (widening of the side aisles, raising of the steeples and building of the late gothic hall chancel) and later on in the 15th century when the external appearance changed drastically as the two towers were added. The interior was remodelled in the Baroque fashion in the 17th century. During World War II the church suffered severe damages and was subsequently restored. Since the Reformation St. Sebaldus Church has been a Lutheran parish church.