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Androsch, Peter#

Androsch, Peter, b. Wels (Upper Austria), Jan. 12, 1963, composer. Studied at the Bruckner conservatory in Linz and from 1984 with M. Rueegg at the Hochschule fuer Musik (now University of Music and Performing Arts) in Vienna. 1982-1991 head of the ensemble "Camorra"; from 1986 collaborated with "Monochrome Bleu"; 1987 co-founder of the ensemble "Soundso"; 1987-1990 collaborated with Joseph K. Noyce.


Kopfstich, 1987 (loudspeaker ensemble, rock band); Stahl, 1990 (song cycle); komplizierte tiere, 1993 (chamber opera); Hasenjagd, 1994 (film music); Die Achse des Ofens. Das Projekt Sankt Peter, 1995 (theatrical project); Putzlieder, 1996 (brass ensemble); Geschnitzte Heiligkeit, 1996 (opera).