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Bisamberg, Berg#

Bisamberg Hill, Lower Austria, alt. 358 m, hill at the Northern edge of Vienna; steep slope southwards down to the River Danube, which here breaks through the Wiener Pforte, gap flanked by the Bisamberg and the Leopoldsberg hills on its other side. Geological continuation of the flysch zone in the Vienna woods north of the Danube. On the Bisamberg plateau, oak brushwood and xenophile microflora of Pannonian character. Its loess slopes are covered with vineyards. Until 1995, a medium wave broadcasting station of the Austrian broadcasting company (ORF) was situated on the mountain (aerial height: 265 m); since 1997 the station "Radio 1476" has also been broadcasting from Bisamberg; transformer station; drinking water tank (60,000 m3) of the Vienna Water Board (Wiener Wasserwerke). - Archaeological finds from the Mesolithic and Neolithic ages (oldest evidence for copper working in Austria). Towards the end of the Late Iron Age, a Celtic settlement was situated on the Bisamberg.