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Bodencreditanstalt, Allgemeine Österreichische#

Bodencreditanstalt, Allgemeine Oesterreichische; bank founded in 1863 as "Allgemeine k.k. private Boden-Credit Anstalt", administered the property of numerous members of the imperial family and the higher nobility, also owned a large industrial corporation. The collapse of the bank in November 1929 triggered off a serious economic crisis ( Creditanstalt-Bankverein AG). Its building (Vienna, Teinfaltstrasse 8-8a) was built by E. v. Foerster from 1884-1887; in 1938 it was turned into a barracks for the Vienna Schutzkorps troops and later for the National Socialists. After 1945 it was used by the NEWAG (Lower Austria Energy Board, now EVN), from 1962 it was used by the provincial government of Lower Austria and later by the Federal Ministry for Science and Transport.