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Buttinger, Joseph#

b. Reichersbeuern (Germany), April 30, 1906, d. New York (USA), March 4, 1992, writer and politician. 1924-1926 worked for the Social Democrats and 1935-1938 for the Revolutionary Socialists in Vienna. 1938 emigrated to Paris, 1939 to the USA. 1945-1947 European director of the International Rescue Committee in Paris and Geneva. Set up a comprehensive socio-political reference library containing about 50,000 volumes, most of which was transferred to the University of Klagenfurt in 1971. After a stay in South Vietnam in 1954 set up a Vietnam reference library at Harvard University (USA).


Am Beispiel Oe., 1953 (new edition: Das Ende der Massenpartei, 1972); Rueckblick auf Vietnam, 1976.