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Chargaff, Erwin#

Chargaff, Erwin, b. Chernovtsy (Ukraine), Aug. 11, 1905, chemist, author. Studied in Vienna; 1928-1930 scholarship student at Yale University; from 1930 assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Berlin. Emigrated to Paris in 1933 and then to New York in 1935; from 1952 professor at Columbia University, 1970-1974 Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry there. Since 1977 numerous volumes of his essays have been published. Together with J. D. Watson and F. Crick, regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of research into the structure of DNS; proved that the genetic code consists of a series of complementary nucleic acids. Awarded the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 1994.


The Nucleic Acids, 3 vols., 1955-1960 (ed.); Essays on Nucleic Acids, 1963; Heraclitean Fire, 1978 (Das Feuer des Heraklit, 1979; autobiography); Kritik der Zukunft, 1983; Abscheu vor der Weltgeschichte, 1984; Armes Amerika - arme Welt, 1994; Aussichten vom 13. Stock, 1998; Ernste Fragen, 2000.


D. Weber, Wider den Genrausch, 1999.