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Faistauer, Anton#

b. Lofer (Salzburg), Feb. 14, 1887, d. Vienna, Feb. 13, 1930, painter. From 1906-1909 studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and founded the "Neukunstgruppe", an independent artists' association, together with A. Kolig and E. Schiele, in 1909. worked in Salzburg from 1919 and in Vienna from 1926. painted expressive still lifes and portraits vibrant with colour. F. tried to develop contemporary forms of fresco painting and to combine modern and traditional elements.


frescoes in the Festspielhaus, Salzburg, 1926 (1938 removed, now retransferred to canvas); in the church of Morzg in Salzburg, 1922; in Weidlingau Palace, 1929. - Portraits (R. Mayr as "Ochs v. Lerchenau", 1927 and others). - Writing: Neue Malerei in Oe. Betrachtungen eines Malers, 1923.


F. Fuhrmann, A. F., 1972 (incl. a work index of the paintings).