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Figl, Leopold#

Figl, Leopold, b. Rust im Tullnerfeld (Lower Austria), Oct. 2, 1902, d. Vienna, May 9, 1965, agricultural engineer and politician (Austrian People's Party, OeVP), 1934-1938 director of the Lower Austrian Farmers' Federation, 1938-1943 detention in the Dachau concentration camp, 1944/45 detention in the Mauthausen concentration camp, 1945 co-founder of the Austrian People's Party (OeVP), 1945-1952 federal chairman of the Oesterreichische Volkspartei (OeVP), 1945 Landeshauptmann of Lower Austria and Staatssekretaer during the provisional government under Renner, 1945-1953 Federal Chancellor, 1953-1959 Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1959-1962 First President of the Nationalrat, 1962-1965 Landeshauptmann of Lower Austria. popular politician highly esteemed for his successful efforts after 1945 to achieve national unity, economic reconstruction and Austria's independence. Although he advocated a policy of political co-operation among all parties, he had to resign as Federal Chancellor in 1953 after criticism within his own party for his readiness to make compromises with the coalition partner (Austrian Social Democratic Party, SPOe). As Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs he signed the State Treaty in 1955.


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