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Fohnsdorf, Styria, municipality in the district of Judenburg, alt. 736 m, pop. 9,502, area 54.56 km2, old mining region on the southwest edge of the Aichfeld plain, west of Knittelfeld. - Employment Services, educational centre, workers' community centre, electricity plant, Lorenzi Stadium, college for commercial occupations; the production sector dominates (59 % of those employed in 1991): printed circuit boards, plastic parts (casting), children's clothing, crane manufacturing (in Aichdorf), tunnel construction. The service sector plays a minor role (transport firms); Siemens AG training and business centre. - Mining museum and demonstration tunnels; the mining of lignite began in the 17th century and stopped in 1978; F. formerly boasted the deepest brown coal mine shaft in the world (1,130 m), the shafthead frame (1855-1925) and a part of the machine room have been preserved. Romanesque parish church with late Gothic vaulted ceiling; remains of a castle ruin (in ruins since the 16th century); moated Renaissance castle of Gabelhofen in the Aichfeld plain (1548, renovated and converted into a hotel).


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