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Fruhmann, Johann#

b. Weissenstein an der Drau (Carinthia), April 22, 1928, d. Lengenfeld (Lower Austria), Jan. 27, 1985. Painter; married Christa Hauer-Fruhmann in 1957. Studied under Alfred Wickenburg in Graz and under R. C. Andersen and A. P. Guetersloh at the Vienna College of Fine Arts. After an early period of geometric forms he turned to informal painting and finally to a flat, finely balanced style.


Mosaic, Stadthalle Wien (multi-purpose centre in Vienna), 1957; Malerei, 1963-1966 (cycle); Lichtumwelt, 1967 (World Fair in Montreal); picture 1976-84 (cycle).


J. F. 1928-1985, 1989; Kuenstler (Sammler) Maezene. Portraet der Familie Hauer, exhibition catalogue, Kunsthalle Krems 1996.