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Gusswerk, Styria, municipality in the district of Bruck an der Mur, alt. 747 m, pop. 1,896 (1981: pop. 2,142), area 285.38 km2, main village of the Salzatal valley and largest municipality in Styria in terms of area, situated in a heavily wooded region; the nature preserve II "Wildalpener Salzatal" extends into the territory of Gusswerk. - Sawmill and forestry enterprise of the Oesterreichische Bundesforste AG (federal forests), forestry inspectorate; 1st and 2nd springwater pipelines to Vienna (3 quarters of Vienna's drinking water is drawn from Gusswerk, Vienna Spring Water Supply System); forestry, wood processing and timber trade, production of metal springs, power plant. - Ironworks near Gusswerk in the Middle Ages; the name Gusswerk (German Gusswerk = cast-iron works) is derived from the iron foundry, founded in 1740, famous in the 19th century for its decorative cast iron; neo-Classicist parish church (1850); mining museum (old office building). Near Gusswerk, Brandhof hunting lodge.


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