unbekannter Gast

Pachl, Walter#

born 1940 in Vienna, Austria

World improver

Walter Pachl
Dipl.-Ing. Walter Pachl
Education at Technologisches Gewerbemuseum (TGM)
Studies at the Technische Hochschule Wien (Communication)
25 years working in the IBM Laboratory Vienna (Development of system software and program products specializing in software testing).
Thereafter 18 years programming in a bank having different owners over time under miscellaneous working contracts.
Areas of interest: Programming and defect detection... also here, in the Austria-Forum!
Hobby: Unimprovable world improver

email: pachl@chello.at

A picture drawn, well computed by me:#

Note that the areas with the black walls look much bríghter than the ones with the grey walls.