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Short English Presentation#

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Main aim: To provide trustworthy information for the general public like former encyclopedias #

Content: Currently 1.2 million media objects, 20% yearly increase, over 5 million page-views/ year and supposed to grow fast when the Austrian Learning platform “Eduthek” will be opened. #

Main features of austria-forum.org:#

  • Quality control by various means:
  • Contributions are not anonymous but known by name and vitae
  • Authors can be contacted, and even anonymous contacts can lead to discussions
  • Extensive linkage with freely readable 2.500 digital books
  • Use of high-quality publications by research institutions
  • Grouping material together by topics
  • Academic publications suitable for a wide audience are accepted

Material goes beyond static text and pictures:#

  • Videos, 360° panoramas and interactive videos (!)
  • Interactive comparisons of areas of interests in any of the UN countries
  • Attempt to check figures by examining typical 6 different data-bases
  • Presentation of interactive graphs


  • Moderated discussions on topics of European and national interest
  • Competitions and quizzes to attract users
  • Contributions lead to interesting books, hence support from publishers
  • Collaboration with similar efforts in other countries, exchange made possible by automatic but afterwards polished translations
  • Financial support beyond sponsors and projects by innovative SW developments applicable to many WWW servers rather than an advertisement based model