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Universität Graz#

University of Graz, Universitas Carolo-Franciscea, Karl Franz University, founded 1585 by Archduke Karl II of Inneroesterreich and assigned to the Jesuits. At first only a course in philosophy and studies of theology were offered ( Jesuit School and Educational Organisation), from 1752 to 1773 federal authorities gradually took over control of the university; Faculty of Law established in 1778, converted into a Lyceum (doctorates in philosophy and theology) 1782-1827. When it was restructured after 1848 (L. Thun-Hohenstein´s) hopes to give it fresh impetus were not fulfilled at first, and it was only when the medical faculty was established (medical-surgical school founded 1782 was incorporated and enlarged) that natural science disciplines experienced a fast development from 1863 on. Up to the period between the two World Wars famous scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, who were offered chairs at the University of Graz readily accepted them because of its excellent facilities and productive working conditions. In 1939 the theological faculties of Graz and Vienna were merged and remained united until 1945. In 1975 its basic structure was changed: the Faculty of Law was divided into a Faculty of Legal Sciences and a Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Philosophy into a Faculty of Arts and a Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Initially the University of Graz was located next to the Jesuit College, after 1870 it was gradually transferred into the new main building, which was finally completed in 1895. Additional new premises have been occupied since 1968.


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