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Albrecht III#

b. Vienna, 1349/50, d. Laxenburg (Lower Austria), Aug. 29, 1395, son of Albrecht II, Duke of Austria (conjointly with his brother Leopold III until 1379). In the Neuberger Teilungsvertrag he retained Austria (with the Salzkammergut area) and thus established the Albertinian Line. 1386 took on the administration of the Leopoldine dominions; 1388 defeated by the Swiss at Naefels. Strengthened his position (feud of Schaunberg), proceeded with the construction of St. Stephen´s Cathedral and the extension of the University of Vienna (Faculty of Theology). Was himself well-educated and commissioned Leopold Stainreuter to draw up a chronicle of the lands. 1394 he hoped to procure the German Crown. Was called Albrecht with the Plait as a result of the order of chivalry he belonged to.


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