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Balzarek, Mauriz#

b. Trnava, Czech Republic (then Thuernau), Oct. 21, 1872, d. Linz (Upper Austria), Feb. 17, 1945, architect. 1899-1902 pupil of O. Wagner, 1902-1933 at the State School of Arts and Crafts in Linz, was instrumental in bringing modern architecture to all parts of Upper Austria; in his many designs of villas he employed a romantic variation of Art Nouveau; also designed technical facilities and housing estates.


Power station Steyrdurchbruch, 1908; Girls´ primary school in Wels, 1912; Country villa Bad Hall, 1912-1914; Power station Partenstein, 1919-1924; Buildings in the Kurpark Bad Schallerbach, 1925-1937.


Der Architekt M. B. 1872-1945, exhibition catalogue, Stadtmuseum Linz 1972; M. Pozzetto, Die Schule O. Wagners, 1980.