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Baudisch, Gudrun#

b. Poels (Styria), March 17, 1907, d. Salzburg, Oct. 16, 1982, sculptor, potter. Studied under many teachers including J. Hoffmann at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts, worked from 1926-1930 as a designer for the Wiener Werkstaette 1936-1942; worked in Berlin from 1946, had her own pottery workshop at Hallstatt (Upper Austria) and from 1968 worked for Gmunden Pottery. Created sculptures and decorations for many public and private buildings (e.g. Stadttheater in Gmunden, 1949; Salzburg Festival building 1959/60; Bruckner conservatory in Linz, 1970; Ursulinenhof Linz 1975/76; crematorium in Simmering, Vienna, 1967-1977).


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