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Buber, Martin#

b. Vienna, Feb. 8, 1878, d. Jerusalem (Israel), June 13, 1965, writer and philosopher. Teacher at the University of Frankfurt am Main and in Jerusalem, developed the philosophy of Hasidism and translated the Bible (together with F. Rosenzweig before 1929, 15 vols., 1925-1961). Represented a new conciliatory philosophy and advocated a "new dialogical thinking"; Zionist and pacifist. Worked in the field of adult education in Germany and Israel. Awarded the Peace Prize of the German book trade 1953, the Grand Austrian State Prize 1960 and the Dutch Erasmus Prize 1963.


Die jued. Mystik, 1909; Ich und Du, 1923; Koenigtum Gottes, 1932; Die Erwaehlung Israels, 1938; Die Erzaehlungen der Chassidim, 1939; Gottesfinsternis, 1952; Schriften zur Philosophie, 1962; Schriften zur Bibel, 1964.


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