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Busek, Erhard#

b. Vienna, March 25, 1941; law graduate, politician (Austrian People's Party, OeVP); 1964-1968 2nd OeVP party secretary in Parliament, 1969-1972 deputy general secretary and 1972-1976 general secretary of the Austrian Economic Federation, 1975/76 OeVP general secretary; 1976-1989 regional chairman of the Vienna OeVP, 1991-1995 federal chairman of the Oesterreichische Volkspartei; 1976-1978 and 1987-1989 member of the Vienna municipal government; 1978-1983 member of Vienna Municipal Council and member of the Landtag of Vienna, 1978-1987 deputy mayor and deputy Landeshauptmann of Vienna; 1975-1978 member of the Nationalrat, 1989-1994 Minister of Science and Research, 1995 Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs; 1991-1995 Vice Chancellor; since 1995 chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe; since 1996 coordinator of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative; since 2000 government representative for EU Enlargement. B. is in the liberal Catholic wing of the OeVP. The internationalisation of Austria and the concept of Central Europe play an important role in his publications.


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