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Eben im Pongau#

Eben im Pongau, province of Salzburg, municipality in the district of St. Johann, alt. 856 m, pop. 1,709, area 35.92 km2, winter resort (142,950 overnight stays), on the watershed between the rivers Enns und Fritzbach at the foot of Rossbrand mountain (alt. 1,770 m). - Tauern Road Museum, recyclable waste collection site of the municipalities Eben im Pongau, Huettau and St. Martin am Tennengebirge; wood processing (production of solid wood boards, sawmills, plane works), concrete factory, traditional Salzburg Federkielstickerei embroidery (fine threads of peacock feathers embroidered on black leather, e.g. for lederhosen, bags). - Modern hall church (1948-1951), typical Pongau Paarhoefe (farm houses and other farm buildings arranged around two farms).