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Eigruber, August#

b. Steyr (Upper Austria), April 16, 1907, d. Landsberg (Germany, executed), May 28, 1946, lathe operator and National Socialist politician. 1927 E. joined the NSDAP, 1936 became gauleiter (head of administrative district) in the illegal NSDAP in Upper Austria, then on March 12, 1938, took over the office of Landeshauptmann of Upper Austria. On May 23, 1938, was appointed gauleiter of the Upper Danube region, and on March 15, 1940, federal representative in the Third Reich; 1943 became "SA Obergruppenfuehrer" (highest rank). E. always considered himself a leader of the working classes. His actions and decisions became increasingly brutal towards the end of World War II. In mid-April 1945 he commanded the killing of all Upper Austrians imprisoned in Mauthausen concentration camp, and planned to destroy the art treasures stored in the Altaussee salt mine. Arrested on August 10, 1945 and sentenced to death in the Mauthausen War Trials.


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