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Fachhochschulen, a form of post-secondary education introduced in 1993. They differ from universities in that Fachhochschulen offer more practice-oriented curricula with more rigid requirements. Courses of study last at least three years and are offered either on a full-time or part-time basis. Those graduating from Fachhochschulen receive the title Magister (FH) or Diplom-Ingenieur (FH), both roughly equivalent to a university first degree. In 1994, 10 courses of study at Fachhochschulen were offered, and the number has been steadily increasing. Courses are offered in the following areas: Information, telecommunications and multi-media; territorial defence and catastrophe management; tourism; business and management; business and technology; technology and engineering studies; building engineering, wood construction and construction engineering; electronics and electronic engineering; industrial design; informatics; production technology and environmental technology. Fachhochschulen come under the authority of the Board for Fachhochschulen, which determines academic degrees and recognises academic degrees from Fachhochschulen abroad.