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Fallmerayer, Jakob Philipp#

Fallmerayer, Jakob Philipp, b. Pairdorf near Tschoetsch (South Tyrol), Dec. 10, 1790, d. Munich (Germany), April 26, 1861, historian, travel writer, publicist; 1826-1834 professor of universal history and philology at Landshut, from 1835 member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, 1848 member of the Frankfurt National Assembly; notable orientalist, whose "Fragmente aus dem Orient" (2 vols., 1845) made him widely known.

Editions: Gesammelte Werke, ed. by G. M. Thomas, 3 vols., 1861; Schriften und Tagebuecher, ed. by. H. Feigl and E. Molden, 2 vols., 1913.


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