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Ferdinand I., geb. 1793#

b. Vienna, April 19, 1793, d. Prague (Czech Republic), June 29, 1875, Emperor of Austria 1835-1848; eldest son and successor of Emperor Franz II (I). Since he suffered from epilepsy and was handicapped, a body of counsellors known as the Privy Council of Regency, or State Conference, consisting of his uncle Archduke Ludwig, his brother Archduke Franz Karl, Prince Metternich, and Count F. A. Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky), conducted the affairs of state. However, various important edicts (railways, savings banks) were brought about during his reign. When the Revolution of 1848 broke out, he dismissed Metternich, fled in May to Innsbruck and in October to Olomouc, where he resigned on Dec. 2, 1848. From then on he lived in Prague.


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