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Günser Gebirge#

Guens Mountains, Burgenland, also called Rechnitzer Schiefergebirge (slate mountains), together with the Bernsteiner Gebirge mountains also referred to as Guenser Sporn, form the dividing line between central and southern Burgenland; they rise in the plains near Guens (Koeszeg, Hungary), extend in a western direction over the Geschriebenstein (884 m) and the Grosse Hirschenstein mountains (862 m) to the Holzschlag col and Goberling; their northern boundary is marked by the Guens valley. They are made up of metamorphic, crystalline schists, which closely resemble rock formations in the Hohe Tauern mountains and occupy a special position in geology ("Rechnitz" tectonic window). They are completely covered with woods and crossed by the road between Lockenhaus and Rechnitz. Formerly rich mineral deposits (iron pyrites at Glashuetten, copper pyrites at Schlaining, asbestos at Rechnitz, antimony at Stadtschlaining). On the southern slopes, wine and fruit-growing, sweet-chestnut cultivation.