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Here are pointers to some highlights of the server#

Here we are just presenting a bit of information to hopefully make you eager to dig around a bit more by yourself or (see end of page) to help us improve the server. #

  • Explore the pictures via a table with an overview. It shows for each country for which more than a few pictures are available the number of pictures, the number of top quality 360°interactive panoramas including some 80 interactive movies. The third entry shows the number of pictures in the special story section of the country. Altogether there are some 45.000 pictures and 4.000 interactive panoramas from all over the world. This does not take into account the huge collection of pictures of Austria.
  • Some of the best picture collections with good and usual bilingual descriptions are from Gerhard Huber, to mention one person. There are by now some 30.000 pictures from all of the world, and often taken at different times. Like the ones on Syria were taken in 2009, when much that is now in ruins still was standing. For a full list see Geography/Pictures_and_Panoramas.
  • The Experimental laboratory allows hundreds of interesting investigations. Try "All countries" and then "Nobelprizes per one million" and then "Nobelprizes", then click the "Generate report" button. The result is surprising, is it not? Then select the same, but the last two in reverse order. See the difference?
  • Many of the interactive visualizations are interesting. As a sample look at the population development and choose e.g. Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania. To see the full impact of the year 1990 select the radio button "Population growth rate"! Now go back to see the absolute numbers, and click on Israel! Did you know that Israel this way is now the 13 th most densly populated country in the world? Or look at population growth of Uganda: it grew by a factor of 8 (!!!) since 1950. Or do you realize that Nigeria will have 440 million people by 2050, more than all of Europe. And many of them will want to come to Europe to live better!!

  • On top of each page you can see a search field "Search all of Global-Geography". This search finds all entries according to their title and meta-data associated with them. If your search is not sucessfull, please click at the radio button preceding "Page Content" and search again. You are now searching "full-text", i.e. all the content on all pages of Global-Geography.
  • To see that data consolidation, even concerning "simple things" is hard, have a look at the area section in France. It is also interesting to note that Greenland (de jure part of Denmark) is not taken into account when it comes to the area of Denmark. (There is a rumor that this is due to the fact that EU money can only go to countries with a certain population density: the area of Greenland would ruin this!). One of the errors that occurs in many databases (see the Factbook or the source http://en.worldstat.info/Asia/Ethiopia/Land)is that the water area of Ethiopia is about 10% of the total area. With some effort we have determined the true figure that you can look up under Ethiopia: It is about 0.7% ... the mistaken figure of close to 10% has been copied from one wrong source over and over. Yet a look at the map shows that 10% must be wrong.

  • Can you figure out why the desolate island of Nauru has 100% urbanization, and even Iceland is, it says, highly urbanized! Or can you figure out how come the landlocked country Austria has 4 seaports? If you find similar surprises, let us know by sending us a mail to office@global-geography.org.