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Eisenkappel-Vellach, Carinthia, market town in the district of Voelkermarkt, alt. 556 m, pop. 3,038, area 198.84 km2, (Slovenian: Zelezna Kapla), spa and health resort (since 1981) in the eastern part of Karawanken mountains, situated at the confluence of the rivers Ebriach and Vellach, near the Slovenian border; Bad Vellach and Bad Eisenkappel are also part of the town. - District court, customs authorities and customs post (Seebergsattel Pass, alt. 1,215 m), youth centre, Carinthia Lithia springs (sodium hydrogen-carbonate chloride acidulous mineral water), spa (therapy centre, mineral water cure against kidney and bladder troubles, carbon dioxide dry-gas bathes), "Vellacher Sauerbrunn" (swimming pool, closed down in 1945); Troegener gorge (15 km to the southwest, alpine flora and fauna) and Vellacher Kotschna natural parks; Ebriach gorge, Obir stalactite caves (open to the public, almost 70,000 visitors each year), mine in Unterschaeffleralpe mountain open to visitors. Spa tourism (38,017 overnight stays) is the main economic factor, other economic activities include: forestry (sawmills), candle factory, basalt mining. - Since the 13th century a mining centre; forges dating back to the 16th -19th  centuries; late Gothic parish church (choir 14th century, nave 15th  century); late Gothic pilgrimage church of Maria Dorn, with Gothic frescoes (around 1480), Baroque decoration (around 1760-1770); ruins of "Tuerkenschanze" dam (15th century) north of the town; Hagenegg Palace with Renaissance and Baroque tracts. Customs: "Kirchlein-Tragen".


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