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Gessner, Hubert#

Gessner, Hubert, b. Valaške Klobouky, Czech Republic (then Wallachisch-Klobouk), Oct. 20, 1871; d. Vienna, April 24, 1943; architect; brother of Franz Gessner. Worked with O. Wagner in 1898/1899 and with his brother Franz G. from 1907-1912, after 1918 one of the leading architects of Vienna municipal housing projects, some of which he planned together with other architects, in 1938 officially prohibited from working for political reasons.


Vienna: workers' club in the 10th  district, 1901/02 (a hotel since 1992); Villa G., Vienna's 18th  district, 1907; printing and publishing house "Vorwaerts", Vienna's 5th  district, 1909 (now mainly a hotel); Hammerbrot bakery, Vienna´s 21st  district, 1909; railwaymen's club, Vienna's 5th  district, 1912/13; Matzleinstalerhof, Vienna's 5th  district, 1919; Reumannhof, Vienna's 5th  district, 1924; Lassallehof, Vienna's 2nd  district, 1924/25; Heizmannhof, Vienna's 2nd  district, 1925; Karl-Seitz-Hof, Vienna's 21st  district, 1926; Augartenbruecke, 1929-1931. Lower Austria: Haus Herrenplatz, St. Poelten, 1914; Landhaus Renner, Gloggnitz (now a museum), 1930.


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