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Elbow river near Bragg Creek#

Photo: H. Maurer, Dec. 2004
Photo: H. Maurer, Dec. 2004

Bragg Creek is located 30 km west of Calgary Calgary, Alberta, Bragg Creek, Alberta (via Highway 8 and Highway 22) at the confluence of the Elbow River and Bragg Creek.

Bragg Creek 50.9535525,-114.5718054 is named after Albert Warren Bragg from Collingwood, Nova Scotia and his 14-year old brother John Thomas who homesteaded in the area in 1894.

The community was established between a forestry reserve, the Sarcee Indian reserve, and a Provincial Park. . Ranching was the original occupation in Bragg Creek. it has now become a modest tourist attraction due to the neighboring Elbow falls (see next picture) and the Bragg Creek ice caves, the latter only for serious hikers (some 6-8 hours round trip).